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Cattle Handling Equipment

It is only natural that you will want to provide your stock with the best protection from injury and maintain their prime condition. The prevention of bruising and hide damage is one of the most critical points addressed by the Australian Cattlecare Quality Assurance Program.

Allenspach Steel recognises that cattle handling equipment design, construction and maintenance are top priorities in order to minimise obstructions and harsh contact points liable to cause bruising or hide damage to stock. All of our products are built to comply with the Cattlecare code of practice. It is our job to prevent injury to cattle, helping to ensure that farmers get the maximum price for their livestock.

It is also our job to ensure cattle handling equipment is developed to a consistently high standard, is user friendly and ensures the safety of the operator.

Whatever your requirements, Allenspach Steel guarantees our cattle crushes, bails, loading ramps and yards are constructed from top quality, durable materials which will suit all types of sites, and our simple designs equal an affordable, value-add to your property.

Allenspach Steel is proud to use and supply a quality range of DuraGal® Yardrail products.

Cattle Yard Crushes & Bails


  • Bruise free construction
  • Safe for operator
  • Safe for cattle
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet operation
  • High tensile steel
  • Silent sliding gates
  • Spring gate catches
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Rear control operation
  • Vet cage area standard
  • Sheeted in head bail and gates
  • Full access around the beast
  • Left or right hand side operation
  • Head lifting chain with safety release
  • Anti-climb device standard on all bails
  • Livestock unable to catch legs or horns
  • Can be installed in existing race or yards


  •  Simple to use
  • Rear control operation
  • Left or right hand operation
  • Sheeted in head bail and gates
  • Livestock unable to catch legs or horns
  • Head lifting chain with safety release
  • Anti-climb device standard on all bails
  • Bail can be installed in existing crush or race
  • Suitable for older or modern yard situations
Cattle Yard Races & Loading Ramps


  • Concrete slab floor optional
  • Easily assembled
  • Walkway optional
  • Silent sliding gates
  • All bolted construction
  • Domed nuts and bolts on all rails
  • Curved or straight construction
  • Quiet operation, no loose pins or panels
  • Posts welded top and bottom to prevent spreading
  • DuraGal® Yardrail construction with pipe or RHS posts

Loading Ramps

  • Maintenance free
  • Bruise free construction
  • Non-slip concrete floor
  • Level loading section optional
  • Floor is of standard truck height
  • Concrete floor formwork optional
  • Four or five rail DuraGal® Yardrail construction
  • Comes complete with entry gate and two lead up gates
  • Walkway along one side of concrete floor optional
Cattle Yard Gates & Yard Panels

Yard Gates

  • Maintenance free
  • Heavy duty sliding gates
  • Sliding or spring bolts on gates
  • Hinges to suit any type of posts
  • Gates suitable for new or existing yards
  • Gates made to measure to fit any yard
  • Large or small orders, all enquiries welcome
  • Vertical pipe centre bar for added strength
  • Swinging gates made from 42mm galvanized pipe or DuraGal® Yardrail

Yard Panels

  • Maintenance free
  • Safe for operators
  • Can fit any yard design
  • All high tensile steel
  • Gates bolted to posts
  • All bolted construction
  • Domed head bolts and nuts
  • Smooth bruise free design
  • Tight, noise free construction
  • Posts concreted in ground
  • Sliding or spring bolts on gates
  • Four or five rail construction
  • Add an extra rail to use for sheep handling
  • DuraGal® Yardrail used throughout yards
  • DuraGal® Yardrail panels provide good visual barrier for cattle
  • No yard too big or too small, suitable for all herd sizes
  • Yards manufactured to your design or standard yard designs available
DuraGal Yardrail

DuraGal® Yardrail provides the protection you need by combining the strength of rectangular hollow sections with safe and easy to handle tubular sections. DuraGal® Yardrail’s rounded edges guard against cattle injury, while avoiding the paint peeling problem common to hard-edged painted sections.

DuraGal® Yardrail also protects itself with an innovative external hot dip galvanized surface finish. The process involved to produce DuraGal® Yardrail is unique to OneSteel Market Mills.

DuraGal® Yardrail’s inline galvanizing process is created with the application of progressively richer zinc-iron alloy layers, metallurgically bonded to the base steel and topped by a pure outer zinc layer. To further boost protection, DuraGal® Yardrail has a clear polymer top coat which ensures a clean surface prior to fabrication.